FACT: Both the Left and Establishment RINOs would like to see Base Connect go away.

FACT: Liberals and the “media” understand that direct mail can be dead-on effective for movement conservative candidates who aren’t independently wealthy, or who don’t have legions of wealthy friends to make contributions.

FACT: The Left lies about direct mail fundraising to discourage true movement conservative challengers with national appeal from building the huge numbers of grassroots contributors that produce viable campaigns.

And, the “old-guard” RINO Establishment feels threatened as well. They don’t like the fact that donors throughout America are giving to the conservative candidates directly instead of going to the “gatekeepers” in Washington D.C. who decide who is “worthy” of the Party’s support. So they use tools like the blogosphere to smear Base Connect and our conservative primary challengers with innuendos and outright lies about how we raise money and where it goes.

FACT: Direct mail fundraising is not the fastest way to raise money, or the least expensive. But over the long run, when certain conditions are met, direct mail has repeatedly proven to be the most effective and reliable vehicle for raising money, as the following case studies illustrate:

South Dakota: Dr. Annette Bosworth for U.S. Senate 2014

As Obamacare threatened to destroy our entire healthcare system, our immigration policy was a mess, our children’s futures were being suffocated by unbearable debt, Base Connect was looking for a solid “movement” conservative to fill the South Dakota U.S. Senate seat Democrat Tim Johnson has held for the past 18 years.

Enter Dr. Annette Bosworth. As a medical doctor with years of experience, she knows what an oppressive big government looks like up close. And it isn’t pretty. Unaccountable bureaucrats with connections to the pro-abortion lobby did everything they could to try and end her medical practice.

She stood up to them. Dr. Bosworth decided to fight back by declaring her candidacy for the U.S. Senate. But, being a newcomer to politics, and not belonging to the GOP “establishment,” Dr. Bosworth had no fundraising network and no way to get her message out. That’s where Base Connect came in.

In 210 days, Base Connect’s efforts on behalf of Dr. Bosworth grossed $1,946,233, and sent her $400,000 in spendable cash for campaign activities.

Base Connect exists to help principled conservative candidates like Dr. Annette Bosworth make their voices heard.


New Jersey: Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate 2013

Before the special election contest for the open New Jersey U.S. Senate seat had begun in earnest, many pundits and members of the political establishment said liberal Newark Mayor Cory Booker had all but won.

Base Connect wasn’t so sure. We proudly threw our support behind conservative, self-made businessman Steve Lonegan.

In 110 days, Base Connect geared up for Lonegan and grossed $1,135,554, giving his campaign $390,000 in spendable cash for campaign activities in the crucial, final weeks.




Florida: Allen West for Congress 2010

After struggling to raise funds the first go around with now former U.S. Rep. Ron Klein in 2008, Colonel Allen West signed on with Base Connect early in the 2010 cycle.

Rep. West not only went on to defeat Klein 54% to 46% in 2010, but he was the top Republican fundraising challenger. And he came in third in fundraising (behind Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Michelle Bachmann) among ALL Republicans running for the House that year, outraising his liberal opponent by more than $2 million.

As Congressman from Florida’s 22nd District, Allen West can currently be found at 1708 Longworth House Office Building. Rep. West is a reliable conservative vote and a warrior fighting and leading the battle in the House to reduce taxes, cut government waste and end run-away spending as he helps lead the fight to return America to her original Constitutional roots.




Nevada: Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate 2010

Polling in the low single digits, former Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle couldn’t even get a hearing from the Republican fundraising establishment as she prepared to face old guard favorite Sue Lowden in the 2010 Nevada U.S. Senate primary to face Majority Leader Harry Reid in November.

Base Connect saw Sharron Angle differently because she was (1) a pro-life, movement conservative, (2) with a compelling story and potential for national fundraising and (3) had the heart, energy and courage to take on the Establishment both on the Left and Right to win.

FACT: With direct mail funds fueling the campaign, Sharron defeated Lowden in the primary by almost 25,000 votes – 40.1% to 26.1% - with a host of other challengers following behind.

FACT: Winning the endorsement of Nevada’s largest newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Sharron Angle and Base Connect stunned the political world by raising $16 million in the third quarter of 2010, with 94% coming from donations of $100 or less. The campaign total of $27,797,915 topped an effort that many believed would succeed until Reid pulled out a victory during the last days of a hard fought campaign. Nonetheless, Angle outraised Reid by almost $8 million. Moreover, the Democrat party was forced to spend millions of extra dollars in Nevada – money they had slated for many other races around the country.



Pennsylvania: William Russell for Congress 2008

Running against 17-term liberal incumbent, the late John Murtha, in Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district, William Russell was getting no help from a Republican establishment that didn’t believe he could raise enough money to be viable against the entrenched Democrat incumbent.

But, Base Connect didn’t see it that way. Lt Col. Russell’s honorable military service gave the campaign national appeal. He was a pro-life movement conservative. And he was determined to go after Murtha, a legendary tax and spender with back door ties to lobbyists up and down K Street, with all the energy he possessed.

FACT: The direct mail fundraising campaign as a whole raised $3.25 million. As the chart shows, 34% of the gross went to the U.S. Postal Service. The second largest amount, 26%, went directly to the campaign – an impressive $841,263. That amount of net is even more remarkable considering the direct mail program did not start until December 2007 – months after the typical spring start time.

A powerful national ripple effect

FACT: Easy past campaigns had allowed Rep. Murtha to contribute about $1 million a cycle to other liberal candidates. While William Russell did not defeat Murtha, his strong challenge and cash on hand forced the incumbent to withhold contributions from other candidates, and ask the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for an additional $500,000. That money had to be withheld from other Democrats in close races against conservatives.

FACT: The net effect – a $1.5 million swing away from other liberal candidates – helped fuel the 2008 conservative landslide.

Georgia: Deborah Honeycutt for Congress 2008

A distinguished medical doctor and former president of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Honeycutt would have been the first black Republican woman ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

FACT: While she lost her 2008 race for Congress, Dr. Honeycutt’s fundraising story is one for the record books. Deborah Honeycutt’s Base Connect direct mail fundraising campaign raised $5.13 million, making her the number one non-self-funding challenger of the 2008 cycle.

FACT: As the chart shows, 33% of the gross went to the U.S. Postal Service. The second largest amount, $1,344,192, went directly to the campaign.


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